Friday Report #001

August 24, 2012 by KWills

Well, it’s been over a week since I promised to get a move on with my various stalled projects, and five days since I got back from Caption 2012, so I guess it’s time I checked in with a progress report.  Here goes…

New words added: None
This week has been about finding out what I’ve got, and how I’m going to take it forward. The new words start tomorrow. No, really.

Scenes edited: None
The whole of “Haplow House” needs to be re-written, so editing will have to wait. It’s scheduled for the end of September, to force me to get the re-write finished. Next week’s check-in should include at least 10k in new writing, so be sure to get on my case if I don’t make the mark.

Agents/Publishers contacted: None
This section of the progress report will have to wait until I have something worth contacting them about. However, if I want to go from “writer” to “author”, then contacting an agent and/or publisher will have to happen. *eep*

Snowflake steps completed: 3+3
(Hooray – my progress report no longer resembles the Guide’s stats for the universe!)
Steps 1, 2 & 4 completed for both “Haplow House” and “Beyond Imagining”. The characters are giving me trouble, but they’re coming along. I hope to report a full synopsis completed for both projects by next week. Again, be sure to nag me if this doesn’t materialise.

Optimism: High
It may be misplaced, but just getting back into writing again has made a massive difference to my outlook. Some of that initial confidence has returned, and I’m raring to get going (again).

As part of getting back to writing, I spent a day going through all the files on my computer to find out which of them contained aborted writing efforts, and which could be deleted to free up space. Most of the files were not familiar, so I had a day of discovery as I found old ideas that I’d stored away “for later”. Some had good ideas, with notes about where I intended to take the story. Some were early drafts of short stories that were later saved under a different name. Some files were just a few lines, and some were shopping lists. One, however, was mystifyingly empty. I must have had an idea for a title, and jotted it down without adding any explanation as to what sort of story/poem/shopping list I meant it to be the title to.

What was the title?

“Unfinished Business”.


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