A – Anticipation


April 1, 2013 by KWills

I discovered a new challenge today – the A-Z April blogging challenge.  Check it out.

After reading a few posts from previous years, I noticed that most people recommend selecting a theme for the month to keep things running smoothly.  Since I’m a writer, I decided to be very unoriginal and talk for a month about what I’m learning about writing.  Maybe next year I’ll plan ahead and go for lesser-known species of rodent, or 26 varieties of cheese, but for now I’ll stick to what I know.

A is for Anticipation

As you may have already guessed, I love starting new things.  The future lies ahead, untouched and inviting.  Pristine sands, stretching to the horizon.  I want to stand still and just contemplate the scene, imagining the bold and exciting tracks I will leave on that future.  Anticipation is wonderful.

Execution, on the other hand, is just as painful as it sounds.  Stepping out and making the start, aware that these steps can never be taken back – it’s scary.  There will be mistakes, and people will be able to see them.  Maybe it’s better to leave it, for now.  Have another try later.  Better to stand still than to make a wrong move, right?

Wrong.  If I stand still too long, I’ll get taken by the tide.  He who hesitates is lost, and all that.  As the hours tick away it is tempting to shrug and say “Oh well, missed the boat on that one.  Never mind, there’s always next time.”  I found out about this A-Z challenge at 8 o’clock this morning, and had a list of topics drawn up by ten.  Then, I froze.  I had other things to do, and there was still plenty of time.  No need to rush it.  The day slipped by.  Now, twelve hours later, I see that I was stalling, hoping that time would beat me to the punch and save me from committing to a challenge that I’m not sure I can win.  Just in time, I realised that Anticipation was not enough to get me through – I also needed Action.

So, I’m off to act on my goals for this month.  RoW80, Camp NaNo – here I come, anticipating success.


5 thoughts on “A – Anticipation

  1. kaye draper says:

    Welcome to the Challenge! Lovely post, and two very important “a”s . Happy blogging!

  2. Andy says:

    Good luck with the challenge. It’s my first time participating as well.

  3. Just wanted to say hi, also doing the challenge, looking forward to reading more, thanks.

  4. sandy says:

    Well done. I like your analogy. I joined first with 1 blog. Decided I needed to write all 26 posts ahead and have them scheduled, then could devote the month to exploring, reading, and posting on blogs. Good plan, I thought. Then a few days before the deadline, I decided to add a 2nd blog…with the same thought…get the posts done…I’ve made it through Q on that 2nd blog, then something stupid came over me and I added a 3rd blog…I’m good there…through today, B…lol So, we’ll see how that fares. Best of Luck on A-Z

  5. Hey, just stopped in from A-Z Blogging too. I enjoyed your post – good insights!

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