Bad days, Brain fog, and Beating the Blues


April 2, 2013 by KWills

This is not going well.  Less than 48 hours into the challenge and I’ve hit a low.  That could be a record, even for me.  Yesterday was put aside for writing, and I did far less than I had hoped.  Today, even finding the words for this post is like pulling teeth.

It has been a bad day, complete with brain fog that shut me down for hours, and a bad case of the blues.  Or “the blurs” as my fingers keep insisting I type.  Which is a pretty good name for the feeling, as it happens.  Everything blurs into a meaningless mass, and unravelling the tangle seems impossible.  Time passes in a blur, and even the thoughts in my head are fuzzy and indistinct.  Hence “brain fog”, and the loss of valuable writing time.

I may get done for false advertising, as this post title claims that the “blurs” can be beaten. Well, yes, they can.  I just don’t know how, yet.  I can’t prevent the brain fog from coming down, or stop the blurs from riding rough-shod over my day.  I can, however, beat the aftermath of a blue-blur, brain-fogged bad day.  Bad days leave a nasty taste behind, and sour what comes after with a lament about how the lost time can never be reclaimed.  The blurs leave subtle hints about giving up, and the brain fog lingers in odd corners, obscuring the joy that came with anticipation of success.  If not checked, a single bad day can echo on for weeks.

How to beat the blue-fog-blurs?  Let them go.  The bad day is over, and tomorrow is brimming with potential.  Anticipate success, and banish the blurs.  They will almost certainly come back, but there’s no need to make it easy for them.

I have two hours and twenty minutes left of this day.  Plenty of time to get some words in, and make even this bad day end on a good note.


Before the full badness of the day set in, I had another topic planned for today.   I didn’t get very far with it, though:

B – Back up your novel!

Anyone who has ever been blue-screened, or watched a pen drive drown in a spin cycle knows the agony of losing work.  Don’t wait until the middle of the month to find places to keep your work safe, do it now.  Right now.  Go!


That’s it.  Thank you and goodnight.

3 thoughts on “Bad days, Brain fog, and Beating the Blues

  1. Excellent,lol, enjoying your writing very much, see you soon on the A to Z and thanks.

  2. Kate says:

    Welcome to the A-Z challenge. I hope tomorrow is a better day, or should I say a Creative day.

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