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April 10, 2013 by KWills

Writers often get asked where their ideas come from.  I think Neil Gaiman said it best,

Where do I get my ideas from?
I make them up. 
Out of my head. 

It’s that simple – and that hard.  Ideas flit around all the time, but when you try to pin one down it can be like trying to catch smoke.  I keep an ideas journal, where I display my catches and hope that one day they will bring forth complete stories.

The ideas journal doesn’t need to be neat, but it helps me to keep control of projects.  Ideas can be like weeds sometimes, coming so thick and fast that they can choke the life out of my carefully cultivated current project.  New ideas are seductive, and it’s easy to get carried away.  That’s the second function of the ideas journal – it’s a way of saying “Not now!” to your imagination, without losing the idea for good.  Ideas are terrible divas, and storm off if you don’t acknowledge them quickly enough.

Hmm, I like that image.  A stroppy idea, throwing a sulk and refusing to talk for days because of being kept waiting.  I wonder… wait.  Where’s that journal…?


3 thoughts on “I – Ideas

  1. You’re right, get that in the journal, stroppy idea diva, love it.
    maggie winter

  2. Good idea about a journal 🙂 mine are from prompts and pinterest 😉

  3. I tried an ideas journal for a while, but having the turn the light on to jot stuff down in the middle of the night drove my wife crazy. I find that if I wake up and mumble the idea to myself, the act of saying it aloud seems to keep it memorable for the morning.

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