RoW 2.3 – First Fortnight


April 14, 2013 by KWills

What happened to the time?  What happened to my enthusiasm?  What happened to Wednesday’s post?  If you find them, please send them back to me.

I have managed to write a letter this week, as keep up with writing daily, but I still owe people reviews, and I’m well behind target for my Camp NaNovel.  In fact, I still haven’t finished “The History of Haplow House”, and I’m supposed to start submitting that in just over two weeks.  OK, so it’s a self-imposed deadline, but I’m still trying to stick to it.  This whole venture so far could be summed up as “AAARRGH!”

So, what now?  Quit?  Move the goal posts?  Make another new start?  Well, it’s tempting but no.  I’m going to stick with it for another week.  After all, it feels like I’m a long way behind, but in reality I’m only two weeks from the start.  A single fortnight.  Hardly any time at all.  Not even half a month.  (Nearly half, but not quite. Work with me here…)

If I’m still struggling in another two weeks, then I’ll reduce my goals.  But I want to believe that I can do this, so I’m going to keep trying just a bit longer.  Things have been pretty bad so far this month, and I’m not surprised that I’ve fallen behind.  That doesn’t mean my goals were over-ambitious, it just means that the last two weeks have been unexpectedly difficult.  Keep on keeping on, and I should be fine.

One thing I am NOT going to do is play catch-up.  I should have completed four reviews by now, but I’m not going to carry those forward to next week.  My goal is two reviews this week, not six.  Likewise, my word-count goal is 9k, not 27k.  Finishing will take longer than if I’d stayed on track, but I’m not going to force myself to make up that lost ground in a single week.  Keep on keeping on – not looking back.

So, time I was off, I guess.  I’ve got work to do – and a better week to look forward to.  I hope everyone else is making progress and having fun.  Thanks to everyone who’s been stopping by here and leaving comments.  I should add “visiting other people’s blogs” and “replying to comments” to my list of goals, I suppose.  Or would I just get even more stressed about falling behind there, too?


6 thoughts on “RoW 2.3 – First Fortnight

  1. Gloria Weber says:

    Hi. Can I offer some advice? I’ll take the silence from my speakers as consent. 😉 Many ROWers (myself included) only check-in once a week (picking a every Wednesday or every Sunday routine). I think that format might just suit you. It will keep you in the challenge, but lessen your stress just a wee bit.

    Other than that. BRAVO! You are handling the situation beautifully. I mean, if it were me, I’d be going all “MUST CATCH UP!” Your way is very much more reasonable and beneficial to good sanity levels. Again, BRAVO! And a third BRAVO! for sticking with it despite the set backs.

  2. Cindy Dwyer says:

    There are definitely times when it’s just not worth playing catchup. Wipe that slate clean and then move forward!

  3. Hey there. I have put a link to your blog on my post for M on the A – Z Challenge which is for tomorrow. My son Rocco is picking a number on the linky list at random and I post the link for each day. Hope you don’t mind.



  4. Leslie says:

    I am right there with you on the flagging enthusiasm and being behind. I really think your idea of not trying to play catch-up is a good one. I always think I have to do the catch-up thing, and then I end up more overwhelmed with less done. Here’s hoping the next fortnight goes more smoothly for you!

  5. Eden says:

    Not catching up often leads to getting more work done faster…. I’d say you’re right on target there even if the word counts and the specifics are a bit “fuzzy”. Taking a bit of assessment and deciding to move forward is a good move too. If you’ve got the writing bug, quitting isn’t an option, and I’m sure you’ve experienced that already. So do what you can do….


    Oh, and you may wish to follow Gloria’s wonderful suggestion. There’s no need to beat yourself up doing both check-ins if that doesn’t work for you.

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