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August 31, 2013 by KWills

Thank you for your patience.

Well, it’s been mumble weeks since I updated, and I suppose I’d better fill you in on what’s been happening chez Kell. Normally the answer to that is “not much”, but not this time!  Not only have I been putting the final touches to The History of Haplow House, re-working Mindscape into a first-person POV, and outlining Beyond Imagining; I’ve also written the first half of a brand new novel.

I started well, then I noticed that I was trying to do four things at once.  At this point, gravity took hold and left nothing of my productivity but a crater far below.  I have learned a valuable lesson from this: When walking on air, DON’T LOOK DOWN!!

With November looming, it’s time to start wrapping up loose ends and gearing up for a fresh start.  (Yes, another one.)  My new year’s resolutions don’t happen in January – for me, and many others, the writing year starts afresh every November 1st.  To that end, I have joined the September Novel Writing Month forums, where I will finish writing the first drafts of “Red Grass” and “Beyond Imagining”, as well as editing “Mindscape” and “The History of Haplow House”.  All other projects and goals are to be put aside for another time, and I have daily check-ins at the forum to help me to stay on track.

In October, the serious NaNo-prep begins, then it’s all systems go for November.  By the end of this calendar year, I could have five manuscripts written, and two of them edited.  Just so long as I don’t look down…

How’s the year treating you?  What are your big plans for September?


One thought on “Normal service will be resumed shortly…

  1. Gloria Weber says:

    Wow! You’re super busy. I wish you the best with all your projects. I’m feeling completely unproductive in comparison, but let’s blame that on me just exiting my “not very productive” time of the year.

    In retrospect, the year has been treating me very well. I don’t really have huge plans for September, but I have a few: reach 75% or more on my current WIP (and finish it by Halloween), do all the pre-writing plotting/planning for my next novel, and (after I finish plotting/planning) start re-reading the novel I finished in spring to take note of and prepare for edits.

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