Sunday summary: Firing the Muse


April 6, 2014 by KWills

It’s Sunday! That means no official A-Z post, but I still need a poem for NaPoWriMo. Also, round two of RoW80 2014 starts tomorrow, and it’s time to state my goals. Since I’m posting a little later than I’d like, let’s efficiently combine these two tasks, along with a look back at the first week of this multi-challenge April.

Firing the Muse

It’s not how I’d choose to begin
RoW80’s getting under way
My novel’s stalled, I’m sad to say
Tomorrow, it all starts again

As starts go, it’s been pretty grim
Voiceless in more ways than one
Words spoken, and words written: none
It’s not how I’d choose to begin

To state my goals: to write each day
Review or comment twice a week
Keep up my Duolingo streak…
RoW80’s getting under way

My characters refuse to play
The roles I’ve given them; they plead
Demanding, each, to get the lead
My novel’s stalled, I’m sad to say

But even amongst all this pain
The comments you’ve left on these posts
Have made me happier than most.
Tomorrow it all starts again.

Chosen form: Cascade, invented by Udit Bhatia. The first stanza (which can be as long or as short as you like) provides the last lines of the subsequent stanzas. There are no rules about meter or rhyme, but I’ve chosen an abba rhyme scheme, with eight syllables to a line. Following on from what I’ve learned this week, I’ve also included some alliteration, euphony, and a mix of caesura and enjambment.


2 thoughts on “Sunday summary: Firing the Muse

  1. Stopping by on the 6th day of the #Challenge to check on fellow writers. Looks like you are having fun and making new blogging friends. Congratulations.I’m not writing poetry but I will share you excellent blog on my FB page for those who are writing poetry. If you have time or interest, I am writing about gardening and related topics this month. Come and see me…I’ll be waiting at the garden gate.

    • K. Willsen says:

      Thanks, Stepheny! I appreciate the FB plug, and I’m glad you like my blog. I’m no gardener myself, but I’m always keen to learn about new things. I’ll be sure to stop my your blog as soon as possible.

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