Fibonacci Poetry


April 7, 2014 by KWills

The letter FI had a long rant post written about the importance of poetic forms, but I deleted it. Maybe I’ll put it up in the future, or at least an edited, calmer version of it. So, instead of a long-winded rant, here is a charming meeting of meter and maths called Fibonacci Poetry.

I really can’t explain it better than Robert Brewer does here, so I’ll just go ahead and write my poem, then discuss it (briefly) afterwards.

Momentum Regained

Still brighter
As the future grows
Ever closer, bringing back hope.

If you’re familiar with the Fibonacci sequence, you can probably work this one out for yourself. It is a purely syllabic form, with no given rhyme scheme.  There are variations, where you can either keep going on through the sequence (which can get difficult, as you will pretty soon hit 21- and 35-syllable lines) or you can move back and forth through the first six numbers, so that syllable count of the lines grows and shrinks; like this: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 8, 5, 3, 2, 1, 1 (repeat as desired).

A similarly maths-themed poetic form is based on the digits in pi: 3.14159265… etc. It is also unrhymed, and writing one may be useful if you find yourself needing to memorise the number.

Or you might
Want to have fun
Syllabic poems.
Nothing wrong with that; knock yourself out.
Well, don’t,
I mean, not literally…

See you tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Fibonacci Poetry

  1. I love reading about the various forms and structures of poetry but I suppose I’m what one would call a ‘post structured’ poet. I write my poetry to suit the topic without using any specific technique. Does this mean my poetry will never go down in history as relevant? Probably but that’s not why I write; I write for the sheer love of it.

  2. Alex Hurst says:

    What a cute idea! I like how playful the form is with the syllables, and it does create a bit of a fun challenge. Nice work!

    Alex Hurst, fantasy author in Japan, participating in Blogging A-Z April Challenge.

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