Kyrielle Sonnet


April 13, 2014 by KWills

The letter K

A kyrielle is a poem written in quatrains, stanzas of four lines each. Each stanza contains a refrain, usually the last line. The exact rhyme scheme is up to the poet, so long as the refrain is present. There is no limit to the overall length kyrielle poem, but three stanzas is the minimum.  Each line has exactly eight syllables.

A sonnet is a fourteen-line poem, which means that exactly three kyrielle stanzas plus a closing couplet turns a standard kyrielle into a kyrielle sonnet. The closing couplet is made from the first line of the poem, plus the refrain.

Since I’m still playing catch-up, I decided to write a Kyrielle sonnet outlining my Camp NaNovel, Fragments.  Rhyme scheme: AbaB, cbcB, dbdB, AB.


In a land of many factions
Ancient grudges nursed with pleasure,
Hidden barbs in every action,
Trust remains the rarest treasure.

Through a forced co-operation
Each will find the proper measure
Of their worth, and their salvation,
Trust, remains the rarest treasure.

Prejudices tried and tested
Weakened, despite all endeavour
They will find, like all rest did:
Trust remains the rarest treasure.

In a land of many factions
Trust remains the rarest treasure.


2 thoughts on “Kyrielle Sonnet

  1. sandy says:

    You’re almost caught up, wonderful! Very cleaver, never heard the term before; then again I can’t write poetry to save my life. LOVE your template….perfect background picture for a poet. Here for a-z

  2. Alex Hurst says:

    The repetition really, really works for this poem. Quite nicely done!

    Alex Hurst, fantasy author in Japan, participating in Blogging A-Z April Challenge.

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