Ottava Rima

April 17, 2014 by KWills

The letter OAn Ottava Rima is a poem written in verses of 8 lines each, with the rhyme scheme abababcc. The rhymes don’t have to match across the verses, and there is no limit to the maximum or minimum number of verses.

Each line is ten of eleven syllables long. Although this usually means iambic pentameter in English, I’ve chosen to write my ottava rima poem in the form: Anapest, anapest, anapest, trochee (aka the “William Tell/Lone Ranger” beat). I think this is called anapestic tetrameter with trochic substitution, but don’t quote.

Carpe Vernum

Come the Spring, come the rain, come the greening leaves,
Come the days getting longer, the evenings bright,
Hear the birds making homes in the shady eaves,
Hear the bees softly drone in the morning light,
See the coats coming off, showing shorter sleeves
See the snow clinging on the in the mountain heights
As the year comes of age, so the heart of Spring,
As the youth of the year, is a fleeting thing.


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