Sunday summary: Hitting my Stride

April 20, 2014 by KWills

There are, at time of posting, still a few days missing from the archives. They will be up (backdated) sometime in the next 24 hours, and from here on in I’m set for the rest of the month – some minor fact-checking aside. At last, with ten days left, I have hit my stride. Time to shift my focus to a neglected Camp NaNo…

I have adjusted my goal down to the minimum 10k, and decided that I’m going to spend the rest of the month writing up my outline properly. I’ve got a half-finished mess of a document, currently standing at 5,570 words. Before May 1st, that document will be complete, and at least 15,570 words long (probably much longer). I will then have a detailed template from which to write the novel proper at the next camp. This month’s disappointment makes the second time I’ve started and stalled with this story, but there’s always a third chance. And a fourth, and a fifth if necessary (although I hope it won’t be).

In other news, I have managed to achieve one of my RoW80 goals – or rather, maintain it. My streak over at Duolingo is currently at 35 days. Sometimes I feel so brain-dead that I’m sure nothing is sinking in, but sheer repetition means that something is bound to stick. Eventually.

I’m still working at the other goals of writing every day, and reviewing other people’s work, but at least I can chalk up one success. And, in honour of that, I give you: Small Victories.

Small Victories

As Adam crested the final rise
His back and legs all sore
A shining vista met his eyes
Like none he’d seen before

Through rough and smooth he’d forged ahead
Through heat and ice and rain
He’d battled on with steady tread
Just one thought in his brain

He’d be a hero, not a chance
That now they’d ever ditch him.
Now, thanks to him, his fellow ants
Have a way into the kitchen.

Form: Lyric ballad (which is in quatrains) on a piece of nonsense poetry.


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