Wrapped Refrain


April 26, 2014 by KWills

The letter W

The wrapped refrain, created by Jan Turner, consists of 2 or more stanzas of 6 lines each; meter: 8,8,8,8,12,12 and rhyme scheme: a,a,b,b,c,c.

The refrain in this case is not a whole line, but a partial one. In each stanza, the first four syllables of the first line are repeated as the last four syllables of the last line. To further “wrap” the refrains, the first and last stanzas’ refrains can be joined in the title of the poem.

There is another version, also by Jan Turner. It consists of 2 or more stanzas of 8 lines each, with the following set rules: meter: 14, 14, 8, 8, 8, 8, 14, 14, and rhyme scheme: a,a,b,b,c,c,d,d.  Again, the refrain is the first four syllables of each stanza.

I’ve gone with version one for this poem, and kept it short. I may experiment with the longer form at a later date, but for now I present a (slightly warped) wrapped refrain of the first type: Magnificent Difference

Magnificent Difference

Magnificent panorama
Slow-motion natural drama
A million years in the telling
And barely begun, compelling
Each step of man’s advance, mal- or beneficent
To factor in Earth’s structural magnificence.

That difference in scale at once
Brings home our insignificance,
And shows the power we command
To treat the planet out-of-hand
Blind, blunt, relentless progress shows us, in a sense,
That nature and her children aren’t that different.



One thought on “Wrapped Refrain

  1. love poetry forms! i did the PAD a couple of years ago with Robert Lee from Writers Digest with new forms every day – as a writing math teacher, i really enjoy putting words into a formula!
    excellent job with the challenge!

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