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April 30, 2014 by KWills

The letter ZThe ZaniLa Rhyme is a form created by Laura Lamarca. Each verse (minimum three verses, no maximum) has four lines, with the rhyme scheme xaxa, and lengths 9/7/9/9. The third line contains internal rhyme, and is repeated in every verse. The nine syllables of the line are split into two phrases, either 4 and 4 with a linking work, or a 4/5 split. These two phrases form the internal rhyme, and are swapped around as they are repeated in each verse. For a 4-and-4 example, see here. I’ve gone with a 4/5 split instead.

With BADD coming up, I’ve been reviewing some of the posts from years past. One of my favourites is “The Gorilla in Your House“, which grew out of a discussion on the old “Ouch” message boards. Some of the highlights of that thread are quoted in the comment from ‘Mary’, here.

Compare and contrast “The Spoon Theory” by Christine Miserandino.


What you’ve got here, is a gorilla
Can’t be more helpful than that
Learn to train it, you can’t contain it
Neglected gorillas stomp you flat

It’s in your life now, this gorilla
What you do next’s up to you
You can’t contain it; learn to train it
There’s not much else anyone can do.

I know you don’t want the gorilla
But it’s decided to stay
Learn to train it, you can’t contain it
Or wrestle the beast out of the way

It’s a three-hundred pound gorilla,
People are going to stare
You can’t contain it; learn to train it
You can’t just pretend that it’s not there

So go on and train your gorilla
You’ll find it well worth the strife
Learn to train it, you can’t contain it
But you can still get on with your life.


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