Sunday Summary: May You All be Celebrating a Successful April


May 4, 2014 by KWills

Final Summary: May You All Be Celebrating a Successful April
(An abecedarian)

And at last, I am all caught up. So, I didn’t manage to post each letter on the correct day but I did write all 26 posts during the month of April, as well as four Sunday summaries. I didn’t manage to write my novel, but I did reach my (modified) goal and built up my outline. I didn’t learn a whole new language, but I did study every day, even when I really didn’t want to. So, all things considered, I’ll count this April as a moderate win. Go me!

Whether you are consoling yourself over missed targets, pulling out a last-minute victory, or celebrating a run-away success, may you all be enjoying the new month, and what it has to offer. For my part, I bring you an abecedarian in honour of the April A-Z blogging challenge. This marks the end of my descent into poetry – although the occasional verse may show up in the future. There is certainly enough material available for me to devote another April to a poetic A-Z and not repeat myself, but it’s probably time to move on and get back to my neglected novels.

An April Abecedarian

April draws to a close, and brings
Bright May, along with other things
Cast off all thoughts of winter’s gloom
Delphiniums are now in bloom!
(Except in the Antipodes,
Fair summer’s had it’s too-short lease)

Good to see so many bloggers
Holding out from A to Z
Inexperienced and vet’ran
Jointly sharing what we’ve read.
…                (Those who say it “A to Zee” / Jointly share in what they see)

Keeping to the theme and letter,
Looking to make good posts better,
Making changes after midnight,
Nothing ever seems to be right,
Oversleeping, missing deadlines,
Patching holes, back-dating archives,

Quitting seems the only option
Reaching from so far behind
Stubborn will to keep on going
To regain some peace of mind

Understandably frustrating
Veritable undertaking
With ‘X’ and ‘Z’ words to be found,
(“Xenophile” was my workaround)
Yes, I have had some trouble, yet A-
Zest for life makes most things better.


One thought on “Sunday Summary: May You All be Celebrating a Successful April

  1. Alex Hurst says:

    A nice poem to wrap up the month. Congratulations on finishing! ^-^

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