Fall Down Several Times…


July 1, 2014 by KWills

Well, that was interesting. Life ambushed me, but in a nice way – being busy with family and friends beats being busy with stress and sniffles any day. Sorry I abandoned you again though, especially after building up all that momentum in April. Those of you who are subscribed may find yourself getting a barrage of update emails soon, as I’m going to finally post those missing April drafts. They’re written, but I never got around to actually putting them up. I’m not sure what effect back-dating a post has on notifications. Maybe you’ll get back-dated emails?

RoW80 round 3 starts on July 7th, so expect a goals-post soon. Meanwhile, it’s July and that means Camp NaNo is back in town. So far, so good – I’m on track with my personal schedule, and I’m confident about the path my story is taking. And if – or maybe that should be when – things start to get hard, I just need to roll with the fall and get up again. And again, and again. Can’t keep a stubborn fool down.


One thought on “Fall Down Several Times…

  1. Alex Hurst says:

    Happy to see you back! I missed your last few posts. If you’ve added anything from before ‘W’ already, I never got a notification. I believe WP designed it that was so when people are importing blogs from other servers, it doesn’t spam the Reader app. Not sure though.

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