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July 30, 2014 by KWills

Hi! How’s July treating you? It’s the time of year for extremes, either hot or cold, so I hope you’re all coping. I’ve spent most of the last ten days in front of a fan, drinking water by the litre, and generally trying to work without dying of heat stroke.

Speaking of work, I’d better report on my RoW80 progress. Pretty good, although not brilliant. I’ve written something every day (not 1,500 words, but still something), and submitted “The History of Haplow House” to my first agent. I’m preparing the letter for the second one now. Meanwhile, my Duolingo streak stands at 50+ days, and I’ve been getting more involved with my local writers’ groups. The only thing I haven’t managed is online reviews; I’ve even stayed on top of my email (just about!)

I had to adjust my Camp Nanowrimo goal in order to avoid abject failure, but since I’ve been editing as well I feel that 16k of a new novel is still a decent achievement. It looks like I’ll be spending the rest of the summer getting “Fragments” written, before moving on to “Silver” as my 2014 NaNovel. I’ll edit “Fragments” in January, and hopefully be able to start posting it here in February or March.

Yes, I’ll be posting a story for free on my blog for all you lovely people who have been so encouraging in your comments, likes and follows. By the time I post the first scene, I’ll have the draft written and edited, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be taking your feedback into account. Getting honest, helpful criticism from readers is how I improve as a writer – although I reserve the right to ignore flames and trolls.

I’ll tell you more about the story as we get closer to launch. That’s still five or six months away – which is good, because I haven’t finished writing it yet!



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