RoW80 Round Four Goals

October 1, 2014 by KWills

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Hi, people. RoW80 is about to launch the final round of 2014, and that means getting my act together and deciding on my goals of this quarter.

  1. Update this blog every Wednesday, with the following monthly schedule.
    • Week 1 = Recommended read (free online)
    • Week 2 = Writing advice
    • Week 3 = Recommended read (to buy)
    • Week 4 = Look back, look ahead
    • Week 5 (occasional) = Original story or poem

    With a good buffer, I should be able to keep to this update schedule.

  2. Outline and write the first draft of Silver Tongue

    Silver Tongue will then be put aside for editing, sometime in the spring.

  3. Review at least one piece a week over at Writing.Com
    • Start with the people who have sent me reviews
    • Then, look for review requests (listed on the front page)

Reviews on other sites, and comments on blogs, are encouraged, but not required for this goal.

As well as participating in RoW80, I have listed these goals over at WDC as part of their “Slave Drivers” challenge. I’ll be reporting my successes and failures there every week, as well as here. I’ll also be posting my responses to the NaNo Prep challenge in my WDC portfolio.

As this is the first Wednesday in the month, here is my recommended free-to-read fiction: Heavenly Nostrils. This charming newspaper-style comic chronicles the adventures of young Phoebe and her unicorn friend, Marigold Heavenly Nostrils. The two of them take turns to hold the maturity baton, each having her own foibles and predicaments. Phoebe’s parents, school friends (and enemies) make regular appearances, and we get to meet a few of Marigold’s friends and relations along the way. Read the current strip, or go through the archives from the beginning.

Enjoy! See you next Wednesday.


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