Well, that fizzled quickly

January 29, 2016 by KWills

After just two updates, Fragments is going on indefinite hiatus. Serious problems with the story called for a complete re-write. Other projects have taken over a bit, and I don’t know when I’ll get back to this story.

I’ve been busy since I was last here, mostly studying programming and game design through Udemy, w3schools, and Zed Shaw’s brilliant “Learn the Hard Way”. I’m making slow progress, but hope to have my first game ready to show the world in another month of so.

One of the problems with things like game design and programming is that sooner or later I will need to work with someone else in order to complete my projects, and I don’t know who to ask – or how to make it worth their while. This problem has caused me to put off starting things like scripts and songs, but yesterday I found what might be the answer: HitRecord.org.

It’s a site where collaboration is encouraged, and suitably high-quality projects can end up being commercially produced. I’ll write more about it once I’ve been there longer, but it seems promising.

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