Bad Beginnings (are Better than Bad Endings)


April 2, 2016 by KWills

BGoal: 60k in new draft, plus blog entries.

So far: 407 words in the draft, 2 blog entries.

Bad things: Spent most of the day procrastinating on non-writing tasks.

Good things: One of those tasks was filling out my plot board. Didn’t add to the draft, but did help to clarify the plan for it.

Interesting things: I learned about traveller’s journals, and made my own to hold a bullet journal and a commonplace book. More details tomorrow. Brain currently too fogged to explain in sentences.

Sleeping now. More soon.


2 thoughts on “Bad Beginnings (are Better than Bad Endings)

  1. pinksocks says:

    I love the planning that went behind this challenge.
    You will finish it with flying colors.

    [@womod] from

  2. Kathy says:

    About the procrastinating: I now understand that, for me, procrastinating (which involves a bit of housework and lots of time-wasting) is part of my writing process. I discovered it’s a time when I am incubating ideas and storing up energy to get back on the page. Good luck with this great blog!

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