RoW80 Goals: Round 2


April 3, 2016 by KWills

I’ve been away from RoW80 for a few years, but I still think it’s the best timed challenge on the ‘net. My goals for round two are:


  • Write 1,000 words daily
  • Leave constructive feedback on other writers’ work weekly
  • Track food and exercise


  • Complete first draft of Fragments
  • Create and launch website
  • Spring cleaning

Writing 1,000 words a day will go a long way towards completing the first draft of Fragments, and will also be a chance for me to practice using Plover steno. My goal is to use steno for all my computer-based work, although I’m using qwerty for this post because I’m too lazy to go and fetch my Stenoboard from the other room. Not an auspicious start to my resolutions.



4 thoughts on “RoW80 Goals: Round 2

  1. Eden says:

    I’d never thought there were steno adaptations for the PC (I should have known better, knowing that the courts need some system in place for their recorders). Cool! Not that I can even type well (never did learn how to use my home keys correctly!).

    It IS interesting that the Open Steno project compares only Qwerty keyboard layouts… Dvorak is pretty easy to use, And there are some other incredible keyboards out there (one of my husband’s co-workers uses a Datahand… unfortunately they aren’t being made anymore )

    Thanks for the ideas to think about though! Don’t think I’ll be jumping off the bandwagon quite yet… but, it’s always nice to try new things. And… I bet that training the mind/hand to work together differently is good for the brain at the very least (no bad thing in this era of senility fears).

    Again, thank you for a great suggestion. And ROW on… (I actually came here for that, but you caught my “ooh, shiny” genes. That said, good, simple goals are definitely the way to go. Got that in the bag too.)

  2. Erin Zarro says:

    The steno stuff sounds interesting. I suffer from tendonitis, so I’m always looking for ways to ergonomically increase my speed (I type about 50wpm on Qwerty. Have tried Dvorak but it never stuck).

    Is it hard to learn steno? The Plover steno link made it look really tough, but I imagine with practice, it could get easier.

    Good luck with your goals this round.

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