Crafty Procrastination


April 4, 2016 by KWills


Guess what I spent the weekend doing?

Writing? Outlining? Housework? Something useful and/or related to my goals in any way?

No. I spent all of Saturday and most of Sunday on this:

This is my home-made traveller’s journal, and currently houses my bullet journal and a commonplace book.

I made it from the lid of an old storage box, cut into pieces and taped back together again at the hinges. The hole made when I removed the latch ended up being a good anchor point for the spine strings.

Once it was taped together, I covered the whole thing in sticky back plastic. At this point, I was deep in “making mode” and forgot to take any pictures. You know what sticky back plastic looks like, right?

It was looking a bit scruffy, so I stitched some fabric to the cover. This also helped to hold the spine ribbons in place. If I make another one, I’ll definitely use detachable loops for the notebook-holders, rather than fixed ribbons. I’d also get someone to help me with the covering, as it was tricky with just two hands.

The last feature of most traveller’s journals is a pretty elastic closer. I’m still working on that bit.

2016-04-04 13.20.09Question: will having a cover for my bullet journal make me more inclined to finish the tasks I set myself?

Answer: Um…?



3 thoughts on “Crafty Procrastination

  1. Oh, you are so crafty and clever. I’m envious.
    Susan Says

  2. Lara says:

    I’m so envious of how you made that, but it good that you’re using your resources quite well 🙂

  3. Atherton says:

    Hello fellow A-To-Zer!
    Neat! It is more satisfying to use things that you’ve made yourself.
    Glad I stopped by!
    -Melanie Atherton Allen

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