Dodging the Draft

April 5, 2016 by KWills

DI’ve decided to count my outline towards my words for Camp NaNo, on the grounds that I’m writing it this month, and I can’t go on with my draft until it’s done. Really – I’ve tried to write the opening scenes and fallen flat on my face each time. So, outline it is. Then maybe a few detailed character essays, and a couple more pages of culture-building notes. Then… alright, then I’ll have to face the task of writing the thing.

How can I be a writer when I don’t like the actual writing part?

I’m also reading. Writers read: this is a true saying, and very important. I even read (and watch TV, and listen to radio dramas) with my “writer’s ear”, gather what works and what doesn’t. All good stuff – but only if I apply it by writing my own stories.

(Just discovered this gem from last year’s A-Z challenge. On my “read-as-a-reward” list.)

Also making a map of my fantasy country using the editor in Stronghold. Because there’s a castle in my third act, and I need to figure out what it looks like. And, yes, because messing about with a game is more fun than fighting with my draft.

Anyone else playing hide-and-seek with their manuscript?

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