Getting it Together

April 8, 2016 by KWills

GThanks for the encouraging comments you guys have been leaving here this past week. When I get behind with my plans, I tend to go into a downward spiral, and end up withdrawing from the world. The A-Z challenge means I can’t just hide away, and your comments really pick me up. It’s always good to know I’m not shouting into the void.

Today has been a day for working on the outline, and things are taking shape nicely. The more I work on the story, the more streamlined it becomes, and the more confident I feel about being able to tell it properly. It’s difficult to explain without giving away plot points, but here’s a small for-instance of how outlining has helped tame the beast that was Fragments:

Main characters: There used to be seven, now there are two. All seven characters still exist, but five have discovered that they can wait in line for their stories to be told.

World-building: Simplified the tribal system and cut down the “special physics” to one major change, instead of three.

Plot: Reduced the number of encounters, and made each scene carry more weight. May have slightly overdone this one, as the story currently has very little going on in the second act. Still, there’s time to add things in later.

Shaunta Grimes’ Plotting Workshop deserves a mention here. Although I augmented the lessons with ideas of my own, her assignments helped a lot. Thanks, SG!


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