Master Procrastination


April 18, 2016 by KWills

While not-working this week, I have discovered some interesting (and informative) videos. This one seemed particularly apt:

The point at the end bears repeating: we are all procrastinators. I’ll take it further and say that none of us are entirely alone in our heads. Whether it’s monkeys, or monsters, or black dogs, or the distraction fairy, our Rational Decision Makers have a hard time keeping hold of the wheel.

It seems like the best solution would be to clear the decks a bit; to get rid of the unhelpful extras. Easier said than done. Like riddle of sultan’s camels, the solution is to add a new character: the policeman/babysitter (with thanks to Terry Pratchett for the names).

The policeman/babysitter is on the side of the RDM, and evens out the odds a little. It’s not a perfect system, but it works. Sometimes.


One thought on “Master Procrastination

  1. In my own words says:

    Procrastination is sometimes my nemesis. Other times, it can be a time of “waiting” until things work themselves out. We tend to be too hard on ourselves but I can see the person’s point. Found you through the A to Z Challenge.

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