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April 19, 2016 by KWills

JAs you’ve probably gathered, it’s been a bad month so far in terms of progress, and I’m now scrambling to catch up with my tasks before I go away, in one week’s time.


PSA: It is a bad idea to announce to the internet that your house is going to be empty. I can only get away with it because (a) I have never linked my location to this blog, and (b) I have a very small audience. Also (c) I don’t have anything worth stealing. That said, I’m still taking a bit of a risk talking about my personal life in a public forum, and you should not follow my bad example. OK? 

So, as I was saying before I so rudely interrupted myself, there’s something of a mad rush going on chez Kell, and tasks are piling up. I will get them done – but not necessarily in the right order. (Thank you, Eric Morecambe.)

Working out of sequence can be a morale boost, because simple brain equates high numbers with good progress. Having finished task twenty-four, it’s surely a trivial matter to go back and do task five. And eight. And twelve, fifteen, six, ten, and twenty. (Shh, simple brain is happy. Don’t spoil it!)

It would have been better to have done all the work as I received it, and to be able to spend this month reviewing and fine-tuning my plan. As it is though, playing catch-up can offer its own rewards – and the freedom to jump back and forth between assignments is one of them.

PSA 2: This is not an excuse for not doing homework, kids. The comments about my bad example still stand. Message ends.



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