Planning Pays Off

April 19, 2016 by KWills

PJust this evening. I finished the list of thirty key actions in my story. This list covers all the major plot points, while leaving plenty of room to expand on a scene, add character moments, or even introduce a sub-plot. It’s really satisfying to see it all laid out in columns, and to know that the structure is solidly in place.

This “30 scenes” summary is based on ideas from – you guessed it- The Plotting Workshop. Sorry to keep going on about it… wait, no, I’m not sorry. This is hands-down the best planning tool I’ve ever tried, and is worth paying for.

I realise that a paid course might not be an option for some people, so in the interests of completeness, I’ll mention the Ideas to Imprints Book Writing Challenge. It’s being run through email and Facebook, and the tutor is very experienced. The course started yesterday, so there°s still plenty of time to catch up on the first assignments.

However you go about it, planning thoroughly is the perfect way to start a big project. Writing the draft starts on May 1st, for me. Just a couple of weeks to go! And for once, I *am* ready!


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