April 25, 2016 by KWills

UHere’s the thing: I’m not going to finish this A-Z month on time.

Here’s another thing: That’s OK.

A third thing: I’m not giving up.

I have posts planned, and partly written, for all the remaining letters of the challenge; so I’m going to post them as and when I can. And then I’ll keep going, and this blog will become something more than a once-a-year flurry of posts.

The challenge may be over, but the story continues. And that’s one thing I find hard as a writer, because the story always continues. There is no point at which everything stops, so where is a good point to end the story? When the big victory is achieved? When the lesson of the day is learned? When the romance becomes official? When the next generation is born? When every last plot thread is neatly tied off, and all the consequences of every action played out in full?

In my plans for Fragments I have a timeline that covers almost two centuries. The story itself happens over the course of one, maybe two years, but I know what happened in that world a hundred years before and about a hundred years after the main events. I’ve got enough material for at least five books, in terms of events. But there’s a difference between events and story, and I’m not sure that those two centuries’ worth of stuff happening will lead to new stories.

It seems fitting to end this post on a note of uncertainty, which is good because I genuinely don’t have an answer yet.

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