Hello Again, Again

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March 27, 2017 by KWills

A2Z-BADGE-150 [2017]Hello again. I bet you thought this blog was dead, didn’t you? Yeah, me too. It’s been a mad year, but I hope that I’ve come through it stronger than I was. Since it’s coming up to April again, I’m going to be doing the A-Z Challenge (again).

This year, I’m doing nothing more ambitious than reporting on my Camp NaNoWriMo adventure. And, yes, I will be counting these posts towards my daily word-count. So, if you notice a sudden increase in verbosity, and a corresponding decrease in the use of contractions; if, in short, I should begin to sound like one who has studied at the knee of Wilkins Micawber, why then you shall be only too… What? Oh, it’s not April yet? Never mind, then.

Life offline continues to be frantic, and “Fragments” is facing yet another draft. All these drafts about, a person’s likely to catch something. Like a plot, maybe? That would be good.


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